Thursday, 22 August 2013

Our First Day Of School!

Well, it began! We are officially a homeschooling family and it is both the most overwhelming and exciting thing I have undertaken as a mom. I am so excited to share with my children the joy of discovery! I also love the freedom to educate in the style that works best for them. Lots of outdoor time and even studying outside! It is pretty awesome.
So here is how our first day went down.

Our day started off with the creation story. We talked about what God created on day 1 and then made the first page of our creation book. We also sang our song of the month and opened in prayer.
We went over spelling our names, school rules, animal of the day, sea animal flash cards, and went over what school will be like as well.

Our creation books day 1 God separates light and dark

We did a little review in the math arena. We also did some sorting like items. We discussed how some items have two ways of sorting (color and shape)

Here is Miss B sorting silverware

After Math it was time for recess and boy did we enjoy our bike ride/walk!

Miss B spent time creating an obstacle course

For art each kiddo made a hand-print octopus, because they  were also our animal of the day. I set out books for both kiddos to look at, so they could paint in their own ocean world around the dried hand-print. We also had to put on googly eyes!

Yes, he has an extra leg! Mr C's thumb just popped in.

Adding in a crab

For Language Arts we practiced our sight words, worked in Explode The Code and read our first Primary Phonics book. You have to love those stories about Mac the cat who sat on the mat. OH joy! :)

Last but not least, we watched a couple of youtube movies on the octopus and felt very informed
Here are some of the videos we watched.

All in all a happy day indeed!

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Matt or Lesley said...

Wonderful day! Looks fun, can I come?;)