Why This Blog?

First, I blame this blog almost entirely on my sister in law.
She is constantly thinking up new ways for her kids to learn and her dedication inspires me with my own.
I am passionate about my children, and know that other Mom's are seeking after the same things that I am. So, I thought I might adventure out and take up space in a new section of the blogosphere.
We are, and should be the driving force of education and life experience in our children's world. What a privilege it is to open young minds.  Being a mom can be overwhelming and challenging, while those things do exist and I acknowledge them I want to focus on the bright side of my responsibilities.
The more we look for the joy and fun in our role as Mom's the more joy and fun we will find.
What a great cycle!
I am all about education and sharing moments with my kids for fun, for learning and just for hugs.
I hope this love and passion will be reflected here and it can be used as a resource.
Even if it is just by myself.