Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Great Undertaking or, how I started homeschooling

Well, we began on Wed and it went fairly well. In the usual way of things, I learned about myself, my children and what worked for us.

I will tell of our first day in another post.

This is the post in which I explain what in the world I am doing!

Our math textbook for right now is Houghton Math. I am not huge fan of it but, am making do till I receive another one from Singapore Math.
We are also using manipulatives such as cubes, coins and blocks to keep it fun. I like a middle of the road spot in regards to education. I like to play with the ideas, but also enjoy the foundation of a textbook.  I have done some research into fun projects for Bella to enjoy while also learning and look forward to implementing those.

For Langauge Arts we are using a selection of materials. We are using  Primary Phonics books to practice reading. Bella already is familar with all of the phonetic sounds from her amazing preschool teacher, so we are building on where that left off. We also are doing some sight words. I believe that children learn both from memorized information, and tools to interpret. We are using Explode The Code as a workbook. I am also giving her words to practice her handwriting during the week. They will go with our theme, which right now is oceans.

Our theme for the month is Ocean. This means our art projects, handwriting, exploration and field trips will all be centered around this for September. We are working on getting to know the creatures of the sea using flash cards, having an animal of the day, watching youtube videos and utilizing the BBC's Earth.
 The highlight for me is when we will visit the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport!

About our science, that will have to come later because we joined a Co-op! I am so excited to take that next step in a few days!

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