Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Martin Luther King Jr Day

I am extremely belated in posting what we did for this day. It is sad, truly. Well, next year I will be faster.
I told the children about what MLK stood for. They leaned about how it used to be that people of different races were not let into certain schools, allowed to drink from certain drinking fountains or had to ride at the back of the bus. I taught them that God created everyone equal and that Mr King believed that everyone had a right to enjoy the freedom of America.
I talked with them about how this was his dream.
So, we made our hand prints and talked about a dream that we had.
Bella's was kindness.

Then we enjoyed this little movie

We talked about how to treat others with kindness and to think before we speak.
We ended with reading from the Miller's Devotional book on using Discretion when we speak.
It was fairly short but, I think it got the points of the day across well.

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