Saturday, 9 February 2013

Chinese New Year

This was such a fun celebration! After getting the ok from Bella's preschool teacher I volunteered for the day to run our day of celebrating of all things Chinese New Year!
We started off the morning creating fans with the sign of our birth year, a cherry blossom and a snake!

Coloring for their fans

The fans!

With our fans completed we went to group where I taught the kiddos to sing
Gong Hai Fat Choy to the tune of Happy Birthday.

Singing the song and waving ribbons!

After that was finished we introduced our Chinese items we had with us. There was a dragon, Chinese flag, red tassel, tea pot, clothing, and a Chinese scroll. The kids admired all the items as I explained how people celebrate.
My main points of explanation were
Chinese Luck Money Envelopes. 
Each child receives a money envelope that is red and sealed. It is their special gift.
Each year has a different cymbal and we are in the year of the Snake
The Chinese people in prep for celebration, clean their homes spotless in order to be ready for the big day.
Then, they take to the streets where a large colourful lion will go down the street being prodded by a clown. All the children celebrate and are excited. 
The big colour of the day is red, they believe it brings good luck. 
After this mini lesson I pulled out my supply of books. We read
Tikki Tikki Tembo
and Sam And The Luck Money
When we finished the books we went on a red scavenger hunt around the room to find all the red things we could.
Then, I told the kids it was time to celebrate. So we grabbed our colourful ribbons and green dragon then led a grand parade around the room as we listened to traditional Chinese music.
Then, it was time to make our snack of cream cheese won tons!
Here are some glimpses of the fun!

Yummy wontons!

We also had tangerine sections which represent good luck.

I also printed off two sets of Chinese numbers so we made a matching game. Here is my daughter and her friend enjoying the game.
Our game, on the red tablecloth. The colour of the day!

I brought some green tea flowers that expand and bloom in water. So through the whole morning we kept checking back on our Chinese Tea.

After all of this we went back to group and I handed out fire-cracker inspired shakers that I made. I explained that on Chinese New Year there are a lot of fireworks. So we pretended to shoot off and shake fireworks as we listened to more of the beautiful Chinese music. 
In take home packets we sent home a picture of Chinese children celebrating, and the kid's own little lucky money envelopes.
What a delightful way to spend the morning enhancing the cultural awareness of preschoolers! 

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