Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Wisdom And The Millers

This copy was my parents copy many years ago

I want to share with you today one of my favorite books to read as a family. It is called Wisdom And The Millers.
Each chapter is based around a passage in Proverbs. It opens on the family sitting down to devotions or at moments around the day when the moral of the proverb is introduced. Then, a Miller real life situation illustrates what can happen when you obey or disobey what the proverbs says.

Number 24 is a wonderful story about the importance of obeying mom in the grocery store. It contrasts the Millers well behaved children with a Mother and daughter combination that do anything but ACTUALLY enjoy this trek through the store. Meanwhile, by quietly listening to Mom the Millers have a great morning.

In each chapter the parents lovingly guide the children and teach them from the word of God.
It is a delightful book to read as a family in the evening, or in the morning to start off for school.

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