Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What's Inside The Earth? Lesson Plan

Here is a little speech I typed up to share with my kiddos.

Some people say "dig a hole to China" you can't really do that, it is too far and the earth is a lot of solid rock or metal sooo hot and melted that you really would not want to dig through it! 
The outside of the earth is called the crust. All of the oceans, and continents are on top of it. Including you! It is about 5 miles thick. 
Under the crust is another layer called the mantle. The mantle is made of of a hotter rock. The deeper you go, the hotter it gets. At the bottom it is hot enough to melt iron! 
Below the mantle is a layer of metal melting that is called the outer core. It is kind of like a thick syrup. 
In the centre  of the earth is the inner core. It is a big ball of hot, solid, squeezed together metal about 1600 miles thick! 
That is all inside our earth! 

I also found a great craft to do with the young ones to show the difference in temperature and to be a little hands on with the whole subject!

Here is a link
Play Dough Planet Earth at Meet the Dubiens

Along with the information above I have a little colouring page for the preschool and kinder set to colour in and display their knowledge.  Here it is below.

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