Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sink Or Float

Today I enjoyed being the adult helper in Miss B's pre-school class.
While I was there, I got to be in charge of a very fun activity called
"Sink Or Float"
The children were given 8-10 items to place into a container of water
Before the items was placed in, I asked them if it would sink or float and why.
I also did other questions.... about the Apple for example, I would ask "Is it big or small"
"Do you think because it is small it will float?"
While the items were floating, I asked them why certain things floated higher than others. 
The kids seemed to have fun and I loved all the answers I got.

Some different items to try would be 
Bouncing Balls and Cork
Fruits  and veggies

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Lindsay Anne Shields said...

oh please share some of their answers! :)