Thursday, 29 September 2011

Human Anatomy ~The Lungs~

We are introducing Human Anatomy next week in out home.
Each week will be a new part of the body.
I will be introducing the lungs first. There is no rhyme or reason to my choosing that one first.
They just happened to have the best coloring page.
How we will disover will be quite simple.
1. I will introduce their function with a coloring sheet The Lungs Coloring Sheet
2. Miss B and I will practice taking deep breaths and watching our rib cage expand
3. I plan on filling a paper bag with air and letting it out....then filling it again and let it out.
She will be encouraged to do the same thing. We will talk about the bag expanding and contracting.
4. We might watch this video on youtube while we practice deep breathing

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Lindsay Anne Shields said...

This is great mel! I love that you're starting these things early with Bell.. so great! It all looks and sounds so fun too, even for adults :)