Monday, 26 September 2011

The Importance Of Everyday Tasks

"Children learn by doing". I think I have seen this quote proved true time and time again.
Many young children are not auditory or visual learners.
They are kinesthetic learners.

By giving them responsibilities around the house, you are allowing them to discover the world.

A few days ago, my 3 year old hopped up to the full sink of dishes and started washing away.
She beamed with pride at her new-found job.
It did not matter to her that soap dripped all over the ground, or that the dish was still caked in food. She was helping and her view of the world was growing.
I had two choices at that point in time, I could step in and take the job away from her or I could allow a small mess to be made and an even bigger lesson to be learned.

I took the second option and helped rinse the dishes off.
As she finished she said " I am all done just like you"
I see this on a daily basis with her. The pride in small jobs, and her learning to do them makes her more of  a member in society.
One of her favorite every day tasks is cracking, whisking and finally cooking our scrambled eggs in the morning.
I stay right by her side and assist but, she is able to develop this skill at a very young age.

Everyday tasks should have a high place of importance in the preschooers world. They challenge them and excite them in a way that TV or mindless toy-play can not.

Making Tasks For The Toddler and Preschooler A Reality 
1. Choose 1-3 tasks each week for them to do
2. Keep it simple- i.e.-Washing dishes, scrubbing a table, setting the table, cooking, folding laundry, taking out trash
3. Talk about it through-out the day, make it a big deal and be excited
4. Find books associated with the task to read in addition to them doing the project
5. Give praise!

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