Thursday, 29 September 2011

6 Gross Motor And Fine Motor Activities

Hoop Games -Gross Motor Skills
Set out a few different Hula Hoops and have child or children jump into them.
You can give commands like skip around the blue hoop, jump backwards into the yellow hoop

Obstacle Course-Gross Motor Skills
Set up a very basic obstacle course. It could be run around a chair, throw a ball and skip to the finish.
Anything could be a challenge to them

Shake The Body Part-Gross Motor Skills
Tell your child a body part and have them shake it

Scissor Cutting Practice-Fine Motor Skills  Scissor Skills Printables

Name Tracing-Fine Fine Motor Skills
Write their name in large letters on a card. Laminate it and have them trace with their fingers

Bean Or Pasta Sorting -Fine Motor Skills
Have the child sort beans or pasta into like groups.


Lindsay Anne Shields said...

GREAT ideas mel!!

Jonathan and Julie said...

Fun reminders! I sometimes forget the simplest things!