Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Weekly Middle
So this morning dawned crisp and cold, feeling rather like fall is around the corner! My kind of day for homeschooling.

We've been keeping on keeping on with sea life. Last week our animal was dolphins, and this week staying with the same family we have the killer whale, also known as an orca!

Here is where I got the first craft Printable Killer Whale

Here are some other links where I found out information about Killer Whales/Orcas
Usually I tell the kids these facts while they are painting, coloring and pasting.
We've been REALLY (may I stress the word REALLY) enjoying our new math-book. Singapore is just the right fit for us. Also, using flash cards to drill addition has been great as well. Many thanks to fellow homeschooling moms, Bridgette and Cati for their suggestion!
Free play has been a source of enjoyment around here. New sand for our sandbox sent up a cry of rejoicing from the troops. It also lead to the kiddos rolling around in it for 10 minutes. A pretty fun sight if I do say so myself.
Then, we are having a pantry built in our kitchen. This leads imaginations to run wild with what it can be turned into.
"Welcome to the library" she says
Another activity that took place was a super simple lesson on erosion that was tied in with our sea life study. I took and cut a water bottle in half. Then, filled it with sand and rocks. Water was applied and eroded our mix. I was much more into this than the kiddos were. They did it, and were engaged but, they were not over the moon about it. They understood the concept though for sure!
Then. let's end with the reason I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING! 
Outdoor reading under a tree! Plus, this sweet little face peering up at me! 

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