Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Letters Of Learning

Here are my educational ideals :)

F is for Fun
When you have a young child, education should be fun both for adult and little one.
This is not about passing or failing a test.
This is to spark an interest in life, to make them think, ask questions and learn of the world around them.
If at any time, it changes from having a good time to "You must sit there till you are finished" (with fingers wagging)
then a re-evaluation of what is happening is necessary.
If you take a child to the dentist, they now focus on positive visits to help children not have fear in going to them. I think the same view should be taken of education, a positive attitude for a positive learning experience.

A is for Always
From birth knowledge is everywhere. Talk with the children and explain the world. 
As they grow, begin to show it them. Teaching should not stop for us as parents. 
We can point out the clouds and explain the process of rain.
We are in the supermarket and can talk about where cheese came from.
While taking out the trash, we can tell where it goes. The list is endless 

I is for I am 
I am, as the parent responsible for how my child views the world. 
Not a teacher, not a friend, not a doctor just ME!
You do not have to hold a degree to share life with your kids. 
If you have questions the Internet in its vast resources can assist.  

O is for Order 
While fun is the most important thing for the child. Order is important for the parent. 
Create a binder and purchase a notebook,as you research jot down the ideas you would like to try. 
Then as you create lesson plans you have resources to draw from.
Also, I find that a basic school schedule works well in our home
It goes like this-
Bible Time
Group Time (Verbal exercises, singing and movement)
Outdoor Time
Workbook Time
Cooking Or Art Time
This helps our mornings have structure and keeps me on track. 
Plus the children do not get bored

I hope this clears up my feelings. Most of all just follow this set of rules

Be willing
         Be able  
               Be doing

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Lindsay Anne Shields said...

Great advice mel. I agree with your theories, way to go!