Thursday, 25 August 2011

Why I Love The Wiggles

In our home we listen to 3-4 children's artists but, by far my favorite group is The Wiggles.
At first most people shake their heads and comment on how silly they are.
If you start listening to their music though, it is very fun and well written. S
omething that is needed in kids music! Parents understand this.

I spent time reading the history of the group before I even listened to their music and that is what made me first bend a listening ear.
Here is a link to their Wikipedia article and the bio from their page.

History Of The Wiggles
Wiggles History

Some things I like
1. Three of them were actually studying early childhood education when they met
2.They put thought into their music and write what they feel is appropriate for kids
3. They have a zero tolerance policy of drugs, alcohol or swearing on their staff
4. They write music that they would like to listen to and put child-appropriate lyrics to it
5.Each character has a special trait that makes them memorable to kids.
6. They use some of their own kids in the videos
7. They use quite a few children in general to make it relate-able for young ones

If you are looking for new children music, I highly recommend them.

Here are some of my favorite songs - these first ones are just the songs and not videos

Here are the videos

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