Friday, 26 August 2011

Music Basics

Music is one of the most important things to me. The listening, naming artists, and discovering new sounds oh, just about all of it.
I desire to pass a love of the arts and specifically music on to my children. I have been looking forward to the day when we can begin official piano lessons. Until, then I needed to have a way to teach the basics of Music Theory while playing and not in an official sit down lesson. After trying to envision how this might look, I came upon an idea.

I let Bella pick out four colors of felt, and then also purchased black

When I got home I cut out the notes, rests and a few symbols.
I then allowed her to play with them on the felt while we talked about the names. She enjoyed it and I have noticed that talking while playing with a concept can often get it across without them feeling forced into it. I have taught a few younger children piano and used similar methods. Flash cards and drawing would work very well at this age too. Even if you are not familiar with music theory, this could still be used to open up the minds of little ones at home.

Here is a link to a basic musical theory page

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