Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Ten Fun Activities For The Pre-Schooler

These activities are perfect for the Pre-School and slightly younger child.
They will build, coordination, muscle strength,
self expression, teach colors, promote good thinking, teach focus and control. 
These are some from the library of my head. 

1. Masks
Items you need
Paper Plates, Popsicle sticks, crayons or marker and scissors for the adult.
Cut eye holes out of the middle of the plate and trim sides or bottom to your liking.
Allow child to color and place Popsicle stick at the bottom for them to hold on to.

2. Shakers
Items you need
Toilet paper rolls, small old plastic containers, beans, crayons, markers or paint,
rubber bands, plastic wrap,
Take two sheets of plastic wrap and rubber band one end of TP container,
fill with beans and top the other side with two sheets of wrap.
Help/let child color the roll.
Presto, a fun shaker for music time.

3. Rice or Bean pictures.
Items you need
Elmer's glue, rice, different colored beans and paper
Dribble glue on paper as you and child desire. Apply beans and rice. Let Dry

4. Water play
Items you need
Jar lids, pieces of wood, plastic containers ( You name it)
Fill up a large tub of water and go play! You can also add bubbles for fun.
As child grows, you can experiment with different items (Rocks, food, leaves, keys etc) ask if they float or do not float and why they think that is.

5. Sun paper designs
Items you need
Construction paper, fun items such as letters, puzzle pieces, toys etc
Lay items on paper in the morning in a sunny spot outdoors.
At the end of the day check, and you will have sun pictures. Where the sun has caused fading around objects.

6. Paint fun
Items you need
Go to the Dollar tree and pick out items, such as Pom Poms, hair rollers, combs, kitchen utensils.
Anything that looks like fun. Roll of paper, and washable paint.
Roll out  large sheet of paper and using washable paints
allow your child to create with these every day objects.

7. Place-mats
Items you need
Paper the correct size for mat, contact paper, glitter, crayons, markers or paint.
Allow child to create designs for their very own place-mat.

8. Balance Beam
Items you need
tape for the floor
Have child follow you on the make believe balance beam
Help them learn to follow it on their own.

9. Do What I do Game
Items you need:
You and the kids
Sing this little sing song line
"Everybody do this, do this do this, everybody do this just like me."
Pick out motions for child to follow (claps hands, hands on head, snap etc)

10. Crowns
Items you need

Crowns from Burger King, foil, glittery decor for crowns, glue and jewels
Cover the crown in foil in prep. Let child decorate crown as they desire.
Pretend play with them after the craft.

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