Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Weekly Middle

It is October and our unit studies have turned from Ocean Life to All things fall!
I love this season so the change was not a difficult one for me to adapt to.

Our display table that show our unit study

We have developed a nice routine for the morning and it seems to flow really well one into another.
We've introduced a President study into the mix. We are going through the presidents starting with number one, Mr George Washington.
Each week we will introduce a new one.

The subject that I am most surprised by is, math. I heard good things about Singapore and boy were they right on. We are loving it! Right now we are on number bonds and showing how there are different components to numbers. For example 2 +3 =5 but also 3+2 =5
It is the same number story just the players are reversed. Putting it this way, she is grasping it quickly. Today we got to play it out with groups of Disney dolls vs Strawberry shortcake

3 and 4 make 7

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