Thursday, 12 January 2012

What Are We Learning?

With both children I have been focused on-
Quiet time for 15 minutes twice a day (We slow our bodies and sit without talking or moving)
Spelling first and last name
Days of the week, the month we are in and the date
Counting to 20 and higher
Sounds of the alphabet

With Miss B-
Woodland Animals-names and homes
Writing her name
Sounding out words
Scripture memory
Phone number, address and city/state/country
Scissor skills
Addition and subtraction

With Mr C-
Reading and more reading

Mr C is slightly delayed in his language
so I am working with him to repeat what I say and doing flashcards to help him learn to say what he sees.
We are also trying for more one one time to further his development.

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Lindsay Anne Shields said...

That's great Mel. You're really planning to think ahead of their needs and what they're capable of at this time.