Saturday, 31 December 2011

Post Christmas Week

Colored Salt Jars 

Enjoyed this little activity with Miss B just today.
Swirling colors and pouring abounded as we set these wee jars up.

You will need 
Mason jars or baby food jars
Food Coloring
Stir sticks
Large mouth funnel for pouring
Liquid Measring cups

We placed about 1/2 cup of salt into a measuring cup followed by several drops of food coloring,
and started mixing it up.
After the color was nice and full we poured our pretty salt into the jars.
We also discussed what colors would make other colors.
What a fun little project!
A sunny afternoon!

Ignore my nail stubs :)


Jonathan and Julie said...

This looks like a fun project to do! Thanks for the idea!

Lindsay Anne Shields said...

Very fun mel! AND, love your new background too!!