Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Post Christmas Week

Happy Post-Christmas week to you!
This is a week, that can be so enjoyable for you and your weebles. You might be staying with family or hosting. Perhaps this is a few days where you are all at home and don't have a lot of responsibilities.
(except clean up from Christmas)
For us, the next few days are all about printing off activities from and other sites.
We will be getting back to some basics at home.
Working on routines, discipline and doing lots of one on one time.
I love just being able to spend quality time with Miss B and Mr C , not just rushing from one event to the other.
These are the moments they will remember.
This week, each day I will be sharing some simple bonding activities to do with your kids. They might be science oriented, art or just fun.
So here is

Here is a fun activity to do with all your Christmas cards that are hanging up.
Your young kids will love it!  I was also thinking, this could be a fun Christmas Gift when given as part of a a learning pack to a child. A basket of fun for learning.

Christmas Card Puzzles 
1. Choose Christmas Cards and place on a scrapbook cutter and cut into desired sections 
2. Help your child put them together. 

Our card puzzle... not in the right order of course
I got this great idea over at
She has some wonderful, expressive ideas for kids there.

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Lindsay Anne Shields said...

That's a great idea for a puzzel for kids!!