Saturday, 29 October 2011

Pumpkin Pleasure

Here are two fun little projects we did this week in celebration of fall.
There is still plenty of time to enjoy this, the golden brown, leaf crunchy, cinnamon time of the year.

Mosaic Pumpkins 

To practice our scissor skills and gluing we made these fun little guys.
Print off a pumpkin template, for example, this one here- pumpkin template
Cut long narrow strips of orange paper for child to use their scissors to slice into squares.
Use one piece of green for the stem.
Once you have enough, glue them inside the pumpkin filling it up.
After it is dry, cut it out.
Simple yet satisfying. 

Nail Pounding 

Daddy brought us a Miss B sized hammer and some large nails (that had been dulled to prevent cuts)
With my extreme supervision, she placed the nails on the pumpkin and gently tapped them in with the hammer
She did this for about 30 minutes and loved it.
At the beginning she had difficulty holding the hammer but, by the end was a champ.
Great coordination building.

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