Friday, 16 September 2011

Funday Friday

We celebrated A is for Apple day today in the W's home.

First of all we washed and dried several apples and set them on a tray in front Miss B.
(To have for a snack later)
Then she put her coloring skills to quick work to create an Apple book.

Apple Book waiting to be put together

After that was finished, we cut up our apples and ate them.
She saw the star that was inside and I pointed out the stem.
I wrote down her thoughts about apples while she munched.
We talked about who created apples
and God who is creator of all.
Then, it was time for the painting.......
We cut an apple in half to find the star first.
Then, I put plastic wrap over a plate for our paint and away she went.
Master apple stamper at work
We sat down to reading time and enjoyed these lovely books

The second one afforded a nice time to talk about seasons and what fall or autumn looks like outside.

During Music Time we sang
SONG- Tune: Twinkle, twinkle little star. . .
Apples juicy, Apples round,
On the the tees and on the ground.
Apples yellow, Apples red,
Apple juice or pie and bread.
Apples crunchy, Apples sweet,
Apples are so good to eat!

Apple Finger Play

Here I have five apples. (hold up five fingers)
And here are five again. (hold up other hands)
How many apples altogether? (shrug)
Why, five and five make ten! (clap

Then we watched the A song on youtube.
The last thing we did was to cut out counting apples. It was a fun way to work on basic addition with her.
I ask the question "If I have two apples but am hungry and want one more how many is that"
She quickly caught onto this concept a few weeks ago using shapes so I thought apples would be fun too.

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Lindsay Anne Shields said...

This is so cute mel! Oh how I love fall and all the things that go along with it! Love the apple stamp idea!